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Corporate Governance

A brief statement on Company’s philosophy on code of governance
The Company is committed to good corporate governance. It realizes the rights of the shareholders to information on the performance of the company. The basic philosophy of Corporate Governance of the Company is to achieve improved performance and dedicate itself to increase the long term shareholder value, keeping in view the needs and interests of its entire stakeholder. The Company believes in transparency in its dealings and adherence to basic ethics in business. The Company has initiated steps for implementation of the additional requirements of new Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Company has an optimum combination of Executive and Non-Executive Directors with two Independent Non-Executive Directors out of five Directors on the Board as on date. The Managing Director is an Executive Director and the number of Independent Non-Executive Directors on the Board is more than 50% of the Board strength at any point of time.

All Independent Non-Executive Directors comply with the requirements of the Listing Agreement for being “Independent Director”. Further each of the Independent Directors also affirmed that he satisfies all the prescribed requirements for being an Independent Director.

Compliance Reports

30.06.2010 (2010-11)

30.09.2010 (2010-11)

31.12.2010 (2010-11)

31.03.2011 (2010-11)

30.06.2011 (2011-12)

30.09.2011 (2011-12)

31.12.2011 (2011-12)

31.03.2012 (2011-12)

30.06.2012 (2012-13)

30.09.2012 (2012-13)

31.12.2012 (2012-13)

31.03.2013 (2012-13)

30.06.2013 (2013-14)

30.09.2013 (2013-14)

31.12.2013 (2013-14)

31.03.2014 (2013-14)

30.06.2014 (2014-15)

30.09.2014 (2014-15)